Save the Brands: What To Do About Eco-Brand Overload?

The age of the enlightened consumer is closing in around us. No question that we are smarter and more knowledgeable consumers today than every before, largely thanks to the World Wide Web. But a little knowledge can be dangerous, and with increased expertise comes increased skepticism. Consumers are more vocal than ever about what we want and don’t want, and the emerging social media channels have clearly given us a voice; and a loud one at that. So the green/sustainability overlords have responded by proliferating consumer-directed eco-brands that serve as third-party watchdogs or quality assurance monitors or feel-good icons. These include, to name just a few, USDA Organic, Energy Star, Fair Trade, Cradle-to-Cradle Certified, Green Seal, Recyclable, GreenGuard, Forest Stewardship Council, Green Label Plus, Green-e and the list goes on and on.

Which brings to mind a question: exactly how much of this environmentally correct jargon and proliferation of logos/images actually stays with the consumer?  Probably not much. Most consumers don’t even recycle, let alone earnestly navigate the landscape of ecologically responsible companies and initiatives.

Why don’t companies interested in educating the consumer about green issues come together to craft some broadly uniform standards for sustainability, conservation and reusability which can then be shared with consumers through a more consistent and focused effort? Corporate politics and agendas aside, the world is getting smaller and smaller and our global connections are more intricate than ever before. Smart companies should work together to create cooperative communications models that reach target customers with common messages in more efficient ways. Talk about reducing waste!

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