Public Relations Tactics in a Down Economy

In addition to the dramatic changes we are seeing in the mainstream media environment with social media and interactive, the public relations business is evolving as well to reflect the economic circumstances we find ourselves working in.  Consider these tips to improve your PR efforts and response in these troubled times:

  • Take advantage of lower travel, airtime and vendor costs for outside services like matte stories, sponsorships, etc.
  • With advertising activity in the toilet, there is less media clutter and greater opportunities for visibility.
  • History shows that companies that spend on PR now when others are not, will emerge stronger following the recession. Stay in the game.
  • Shift dollars into social media strategies; social media is more affordable, targeted and offers opportunities for increased creativity.
  • Many editors are being laid off, and those who survive consolidation are now wearing more “hats”. Pre-packaged stories that require less effort are appealing to them.
  • Blogs are growing in sophistication and audience. Increase your outreach to this growing medium. Their viewers are loyal and invested in the content on these sites.
  • Offer media “exclusives” whenever possible. With online news at its peak, traditional outlets are looking for a scoop wherever possible to demonstrate their relevance to a scattered audience.

There is a silver lining in every dark cloud, and there are opportunities to be had, even in this challenging marketplace.

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