What Did You Do This Weekend – USA Weekend Spotlights Program That Includes IMG Client

A unique cancer prevention program that incorporates Setria Glutathione – an ingredient made by IMG client Kyowa Hakko – was featured in the Aug. 10-12 edition of USA Weekend.

“Five to Thrive: Your Cutting-Edge Cancer Prevention Plan” promotes the use of Setria as a way for the body to detoxify itself of potentially dangerous toxins. Setria can help replenish the body’s reserves that may be depleted through poor diet, pharmaceutical drugs and even the natural aging process.

Founded by cancer survivors Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella, the “Five to Thrive” program focuses on the body’s five natural pathways: Immune – Inflammation – Hormones – Insulin Resistance – Digestion / Detoxification. More information is available at www.five2thrive.com.

For additional information about Setria Glutathione and its standing as the “master antioxidant,” visit www.setriaglutathione.com.

Read the full USA Weekend story at http://www.usaweekend.com/article/20120810/HEALTH/308100006/5-pathways-reduce-your-risk-cancer

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