Nestle & GM to cut sugar and salt in cereals outside North America

Food marketing often focuses as much on what’s omitted as what’s included. The latest announcement about what a food DOES NOT contain comes from cereal giants Nestle and General Mills; they have committed to reducing the sugar and salt content of 20 popular children’s cereals by 2015. The two companies currently market cereals together outside of the US and Canada in a joint venture called Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW). CPW is responding to general health concerns over rising obesity rates in children, noting that many mothers are refusing to buy breakfast cereals for their children because of the high sugar and salt content. What will they add instead? CPW’s Chief Executive Jeffrey Harmening declares the reformulations will boost more whole grains and higher calcium levels. For more information, check out Emma Thomasson’s blog post in the Agricultural Commodities section at

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