Ever Know Someone Who Claimed They COULDN’T Do Marketing

Your brand message is only as good as it is effective. Marketers can often make mistakes, everything from being socially irresponsible with Facebook and Twitter to choosing creative approaches that resonate with them personally and not the target audience. Join Integrated Marketing Group founder and CMO, Jeff Hilton on Thursday November 8th at the SupplySide Why Stage at 12:15. For 10 minutes Jeff will speak to the live audience at SupplySide Why about the “Common Mistakes Marketers Make” and suggests ways to avoid them. He will show the audience WHY it is important to:

1) Have a tactical social media strategy prior to fishing for “likes” and creating tweets

2) Create a communications and advertising platform that speaks to the target audience and not just yourself

3) Let your audience engage with your marketing and embrace that paradigm shift

Don’t let a mis-step deep-six your marketing efforts. Jeff’s insights will keep you entertained and engaged.

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