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Marketing in 2010 & Beyond— It’s Complicated

The more I learn about social media, the more I realize I have only scratched the surface. Sure I post to Facebook and LinkedIn on a regular basis. I tweet daily. I download podcasts. And I write a blog. Yet I can’t begin to keep up with the new and changing technology. I find I [...]

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My 10 New Years Un-Resolutions

Just to change things up, I thought I would set goals for things that I definitely DON’T want to do in 2010. Most of these are lessons learned or mistakes I don’t want to repeat. So here goes. I will avoid working with people I don’t like. It’s taxing. I will not be a pessimist, [...]

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Legitimizing the World Wide Web

No doubt many of you are aware that effective December 1, online bloggers who review products must disclose any connection with their advertisers, including receipt of monies or free products.  Likewise, celebrities who “stump” for brands must now disclose any financial ties they have to the product being promoted.  It’s about time. Regardless of the [...]

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Where Have All the Loyal Customers Gone?

I was reading an article in the Seattle Times a few weeks ago about market research conducted by the Hartman Group that promotes the theory that consumer loyalty is shifting away from product and brands and towards retailers, particularly those that offer the consumer an “experience” and not just stuff to buy. Some say that [...]

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Buenos Dias, Marketing Executive

As the United States continues to diversify in terms of racial composition, no group is growing more aggressively than the Hispanic population. They now number 45 million, and account for 15% of the US population. That also makes them the nation’s largest minority. So what is my point? The time is coming when mainstream marketers [...]

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Being Green in a Lean Economy

The green movement is still alive and well, but the green consumer is evolving in terms of attitudes and purchase behavior. Your marketing approach should be evolving right along with them. Is it? Here are seven things to keep in mind as you develop and execute green and sustainable communications strategies. They’re watching. Studies show [...]

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Public Relations Tactics in a Down Economy

In addition to the dramatic changes we are seeing in the mainstream media environment with social media and interactive, the public relations business is evolving as well to reflect the economic circumstances we find ourselves working in.  Consider these tips to improve your PR efforts and response in these troubled times: Take advantage of lower [...]

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What Does Your Logo Say About You?

More than any single piece of marketing communication you send out into the marketplace, the one most frequently seen is definitely your corporate or brand logo. Have you ever given serious thought to what it says about your company, your philosophy, your people and your attitude? Maybe its time to give that some deeper consideration. [...]

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Beware the Attack of Private Label Brands

An interesting study was issued recently, from GfK Custom Research North America, which sheds some additional light on consumer shopping behavior in our troubled economy.  The study reports that 30% of consumers polled say they are now buying more “store brand products” compared to a year ago.  In fact, the percentage of respondents who say [...]

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Saving the Earth (where to begin?)

April 22nd is Earth Day 2009.  Maybe it’s not marked on your calendar, but some day it probably will be.  On this day we are all encouraged to do something to help preserve or sustain or renew the precious and fragile resources of this planet that we live on.  Unfortunately, the goal of saving the [...]

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