We cultivate natural brands

From seedlings to fully sprouted brands, IMG has been cultivating what’s natural since 1997. That makes us an experienced resource and marketing partner who knows the natural marketplace like few others—the retailers, channels, consumers and products.

We know natural retailers. Retailers in the natural products industry aren’t interested in simply expanding the number of skus on their shelves. These retailers are in the business of making a difference in people’s lives.  They want to know how your product will help their customers, including why you selected each ingredient, the synergy behind the formulation, and the purity and efficacy of the finished product. IMG will help you develop and focus your messaging and materials in a way that communicates exactly what natural retailers want to know.

We know natural channels. Natural ingredients and products are sold through diverse channels, including mass market retail, health channel retail, healthcare practitioners, multi-level marketing and directly to the consumer through online sales. We know what makes for success in each of these channels and will tailor your project accordingly.

We know natural media. Whether you need to brand a trade ingredient or consumer products, IMG knows who can best help you reach and connect with your prospects—that includes editors, journalists, bloggers, trade show organizers, media specialists and sales and product distribution experts. We’re veterans at vertical print, mainstream print, radio, television, transit media, outdoor media and social media. Basically, we’ve spent almost two decades building strong relationships with the very people who can help you grow your natural brand.

We know natural consumers. When IMG first came on the scene, natural consumers had few choices. If they wanted a breakfast bar, they’d pick the natural option. But as the natural products industry has flourished, consumers have more to choose from, and knowing how they make their choices becomes critical. IMG has hosted focus groups, conducted surveys, and studied the purchasing patterns of natural consumers for so long, we can supply you with an accurate field guide to why they do what they do.

We know natural products. Whether you’re just formulating your product or you’ve been selling it for years, we’ll help you position and promote it so that prospects know why they should choose you. With IMG, you get a knowledgeable partner who understands the science, ingredients and benefits of your product, the legal ramifications of different types of claims and how to best publicize and promote you. We’ll hit the ground running.